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Trade Representation:  Marketing your destination to the UK’s Travel Trade


Getting the support of the travel trade is often the key to success for African destinations. So our outstanding reputation amongst UK travel professionals is a major part of our offering.


Trade Representation : We can identify key tour operators and travel agents, providing them with comprehensive training and encouragement to pro-actively sell your destination. With 200 Africa specialist tour operators in the UK, there's plenty to go for and thankfully we have an existing and on-going relationship with the vast majority of them.


Sales Tools : We are able to develop suitable sell-in materials, including key resources made available in hard-copy and online, to ensure travel professionals have the information and/or knowledge to better sell your destination.


Educational Trips : Kamageo can organise and coordinate educational familiarization trips by recruiting relevant tour operators. Part of that task includes separating those who could potentially deliver future business from those simply seeking personal trips.


Trade Shows : We can coordinate destination representation at key international travel trade events in the UK and beyond. We have also developed our own series of trade events - Safari Show - across the UK, as well as creating highly effective roadshows for individual countries.


Social Media & News : Kamageo can create and implement impactful social media campaigns and distribute vibrant news via travel websites and email to relevant databases.


Destination Brochures & Directories : We excel at creating and printing impactful and effective collateral to be distributed to the trade.


Image Libraries & Galleries : Kamageo can create a catalogued, workable image bank featuring relevant attractions, wildlife and cultural activities.

Newsletters : We can design, copywrite and distribute regular email newsletters and/or printed literature for the Trade.


And more.....simply ask

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